Painted Birds

by Janie Christensen

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released June 1, 2011

Recorded & produced by Janie Christensen &
Angelo Ficara
Mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Recording Studio

Bird images on album art from Valentine for the Birds to Dance by Tilly Strauss (



all rights reserved


Janie Christensen New York

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Track Name: Come to Harm
1 - Let the night fall
Let the birds cry
Let the children wait
He has cut the ropes
And taken to the sea
He has taken to the sea.

Cho - He has no compass
He has no chart
No polished glass [lens] with which to see
He was not prepared
So take him in your arms
Or I fear he’ll come to harm.

2 - We search the night
And turn our face
Upon the moon, upon the sea
And you who have watched
Every fall from grace
Please do not judge us so harshly.

Cho - (Repeat)

Sing all night, sing all day . . .

Sing all night, sing all day . . .

3 - There’s a spiral shell
Glistens in the moonlight
If you listen you can hear a song
And it will fill the air
When the wind is right
Sometimes, when the wind is right.

Cho - (Repeat)

4 - (Repeat first verse)

Cho - (Repeat)

Sing all night, sing all day . . .
Track Name: Now You See It, Now You Don't
1 - With the wave of a hand
In the wink of an eye
It will come from a blue everyday sky
Don’t try so hard to understand
Let it go free
These are the things
We weren’t meant to hold in our hand
Not of the earth
Like you and I.

Cho - Now you see it
Now you don’t
First you will
And then you won’t
It may seem to disappear
Into thin air
But it’s there
Now you see it
Now you don’t.

Cho - (Repeat)
Track Name: Moon
1 - Here comes the moon
Same old moon that fools the fools
Comes waltzing in here
Like he owns the place
I've seen this guy, I know his moves
I'd know him anywhere
I know those stars on his wing-tip shoes.

2 - The sky is lightning
The air gardenias and I just came to dance
The rate I'm going, at four for a quarter
It pays to take a chance
The girls look pretty in the glow of the jukebox
As they dance by the light of the moon
You've gotta keep dancing or it catches up to

Cho - Come outside and we'll drive through the night
With the rain in our hair
Once you go down to Kalia Road
You can smell the sea
We can go out there
Way out where the breakers roll
Singing 'Once you have found her
Never let her go.'

3 - The moon sits down
Starts telling the bartender there was a girl
Then his voice trails off
And he looks at me
So I say tell me something, are you the first prize
Or is it just my luck
You always find me no matter what.

Cho - (Repeat)
Track Name: The Best in Me
1 - You look like old man Midas
When you’re counting up your change
But you sound as sweet as Jesus when you sing
I was among the ones you moved out there
In the olive trees and rain
I left a piece of silver, a small thing
For the soft and mournful gypsy songs you sing.

2 - Don’t know where I’m going
I could hardly tell you where I’ve been
Like a seed that has been borne upon the wind
If you were to come to my door
If I were to let you in
You there with your blanket made of stars
And me with my illusions worn so thin.

Cho -Would you find the best in me
Even when I’ve stumbled down
When I’ve done my worst
Would you stand your ground
Stay until I come back around.

3 - Standing at your shoreline
With this tiny broken cup
Like the sailors I’ve been dreaming of the sea
Would you look into my eyes
Would you be the one to recognize
Be the one to finally fill me up
Be the one to finally set me free.

Cho - Repeat
Track Name: White House on the Beach
1 - I will take the road that winds
Down the coast
Where the artists and the poets go to find
Someplace to be alone.
I will meet you in a white house on the beach
And we will sing together once again
And if love is still within our reach
We will hold on as the light breaks in.

2 - There will be a morning sky
And a breeze to brush the curtains back
And sleep will still be in our eyes
When the day comes to erase our tracks.
And we will watch the constellations dance
Stepping in and out of the window frames
By the half light of the radio
We will find the way again to love each other.

3 - We will shine together through the night
Like the would-be stars in the movie dreams
We will tumble in and out of sight
And love will light up all the scenes . . .

Just like in some dream . . .

It's like a dream to love somebody . . .

It's like a dream . . .
Track Name: One in a Million
1 - I keep looking for you
And sometimes you're there
Like the smell of cargo
In the island air
Like some picture postcard
In the 5 & 10
Like something remembered
Then gone again
You're one in a million.

2 - There's a half moon hanging
From Orion's ear
If I had the money
I'd be out of here
But I spend my nights
In these local places
Looking for something
Searching the faces
My chances are one in a million.

Bridge - If this goes on too long
I will lose my mind
I will take what I can carry
And leave the rest behind
I will sell my jewelry
For a ticket home
On the day that I admit
What I guess I've always known.

3 - I keep looking for you
I can almost see you there
With that smile of yours
And that sunlight on your hair
Like some perfect postcard
Of a perfect day
I take one look
And you've gone away
You're one in a million . . .

I may never find you . . .

You’re one in a million . . .
Track Name: I See Love
1 - Million radios
Million voices
Summer dresses
Red as roses
I will tell your fortune
Just meet me up over the candy store
You’re a lucky man seňor
I see love
I see love.

2 - I see children
Playin’ on the street below
I see a young man
Playin’ the ragged Romeo
Go and find her
When the moon comes up tonight
If the stars are lined up right
I see love
I see love.

Bridge - It keeps coming around
What is lost can be found
What is broken can mend
Don’t give up, my friend
‘Cause I’ve seen it all
In my crystal ball
And it’s comin’ round again.

3 - Pretty little dreamer
Queen of the neighborhood
Standin’ by a streetlight
Lookin’ like Hollywood
Did I tell you
Got a call from Lady Luck
She says things are lookin’ up
I see love
I see love
I see love.
Track Name: All of Your Cowboys
1 - Lady, go make up
Your tumble-love bed
The sheets are all twisted
Where he laid his head
Just a cold cup of coffee
And a warm glass of wine
Now all of your cowboys
Have gone down the line.

2 - Pieces of paper
In an old book of rhymes
Each of us passing
Leaves something behind
You must put them away now
Like some old valentines
Now all of your cowboys
Have gone down the line.

Bridge - Good-bye to your carnival man
Was it so long ago
You let go of his hand
One night he just picked up his tent
You can’t ask where he’s gone
You don’t know where he went.

3 - A boat leaves the harbor
It begins to rain
The bells in the distance
Sound like his name
And it all seems arranged now
In some holy design
Now all of your cowboys
Have gone down the line.
Track Name: Painted Birds
Cho - I sit here in this quiet room
I draw the shades against the sun
If memories were painted birds
I’d line them up and get my gun.

1 - There are times when I think you will walk
through the door
Of the house that you lived in and smile when
you see me
There are times when I think I don’t care
But they don’t last long and they don’t fool me.

Cho - Repeat

2 - You drink your anger like a cup of wine
To stop you from shaking and make you feel
But do you feel unsteady by the light of day
When you half remember that something’s

Cho - Repeat

3 - You’ve made a weapon of your heart
I tried to stop it with my own
But all I got was torn apart
And all you got was more alone.

Cho - Repeat
Track Name: Iceman
1 - Pull the shade
Keep out the light
How’m I gonna get to sleep tonight
Here in the middle of the city, yeah.
Doors are shakin’ like wooden toys
It must be the delivery boys
Making so much noise.
No matter what
The iceman comes once a day.

2 - I sit among my bric-a-brac
Talkin’ about this and that
Serving tea with honey, yeah.
Hey little schoolboy, listen up
You’re drinking from the same cup
They used to toast my beauty.
No matter what
The iceman comes once a day.

Bridge - Take the linen, take the chest of drawers
Whatever you want, it’s yours
Just buy me flowers and say a prayer
And give the church my money.

3 - Pull the shade
Keep out the light
How’m I gonna get to sleep tonight
Here in the middle of the city, yeah.
Doors are rattlin’ like wooden toys
It must be the delivery boys
Making so much noise.
No matter what
The iceman comes once a day.
Track Name: Inside Your Heart
Intro- Look inside, look inside
Look inside your heart . . .

1- Out of the cold, cold night
And into the burning sun
You’ve taken them
You’re killing them one by one
Can you see, can you understand
That times like this come down to just one man.

Cho - Don’t just play the part
Do what lies inside your heart.

2- Hold a man against his will
Don’t you understand
You hold the human race as well
Don’t you understand
What cause is this that’s worth this price
Of a heart like stone, of a heart like ice.

Cho - Repeat

Bridge - Look inside, look inside
Look inside your heart
Let that be your only guide
It’s not too late to start.

3 - You can run
But you cannot hide
You can’t escape
What you know inside
In the end it’s only you
Who must answer for the things you do.

Cho - Repeat

Don’t just play the part
Have mercy
It’s in your heart, in your heart
It’s in your heart.
Track Name: Neon
1 - Most of the neon
Is missing from the sign
It should say typewriters
But it hardly says a line
Most of the fruit
Has fallen from the vine
It withers so quickly
Yet they tell me take your time.

2 - I’ve been in the city
Most part of a year
I’d rather be
Almost anyplace but here
Life has a strange
Kind of pattern, my friend
I’m a singer in a restaurant
For businessmen.

3 - The Hudson River
Flows right by my home
In the shade of misty mountains
My childhood was grown
I never knew
What it was I threw away
But I’m gonna travel back there
Some old day.

4 - Repeat first verse
Track Name: Eye for an Eye
Intro - Is this really how
We were meant to live
Throw our sticks and stones
Break each others’ bones
Never to forget
Or forgive.

Cho - Let’s not make mountains
Out of molehills
No need to build them up so high
Let’s try our hand at
Love and forgiveness
Oh what’s the use in a tooth for a tooth
Or an eye for an eye.

1 - Look at how much time we spend
Just finding fault again, again
And wishing that the one was like the other.
See how hard we concentrate
So diligently calculate
Forever keeping score on one another.

Cho - Repeat

2 - Look at us so quick to find
They’re not like us that other kind
So slow to see the deeper ties that bind us
We’re caught inside our history
Defining us for centuries
That keeps us separated by these ancient

Cho + tag - Let’s not make mountains
Out of molehills
No need to build them up so high
Let’s try our hand at
Love and forgiveness
Oh what’s the use in a tooth for a tooth
How many years till we realize
We never needed a stone for a stone
Or an eye for an eye.