by Janie Christensen

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Cover design . . . Janie Christensen


1 - I need
I need to apologize
To find it in myself
Look right in your eyes
To finally find a way
To have the courage to say
I apologize.

2 - Sometimes
We build our fortress high
To keep the world from coming in
Then we wonder why they never try
But still we think we’re right
We’re gonna stand and fight
And never apologize.

CHO - What kind of world is this
Where we can’t get along
What kind of fools are we
If we don’t know right from wrong.

3 - Some dark night
Before a sweet sunrise
You’re gonna lie awake
And suddenly realize
You’ll take back the things you said
That lay so heavy on my head
And apologize.

CHO - Repeat

4 - Look up
Angry words fly around like kites
Pulling on our strings
We’re down here holding on so tight
Wouldn’t it be pretty, though
If we just let them go
And apologized.

CHO - What kind of world is this
Where we can’t get along
What kind of road did we take here
Where every single turn is wrong
What kind of fools are we
Building walls up where love belongs.


released March 15, 2014
Janie Christensen...keyboard, vocals, words & music
Angelo Ficara...guitars, bass, drum arrangement

Crazy Lanterns Music / ASCAP



all rights reserved


Janie Christensen New York

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